Prevention: a key strategy for tackling cancer

More than 200,000 Canadians will hear the words “You have cancer” this year. Knowing more about the most important risk factors can help us stop cancer before it starts – and reduce the number of future cancer cases.

The attributable risk of cancer in Canada

In 2014, a team of researchers set out to estimate the current and future burden of cancer due to modifiable lifestyle, environmental and infectious agent risk factors – the largest study of its kind in Canada.

The study is called ComPARe (Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer), and its results can influence our prevention behaviour, programs, policies and planning.

The ComPARe study follows the Burden of Occupational Cancer study, a previous investigation of workplace-related cancer in Canada.

This website brings together knowledge collected from the ComPARe and Burden of Occupational Cancer studies.

Canadian population attributable risk of cancer

Through the ComPARe study, we know that about 4 in 10 of all cancers can be prevented through healthy living and policies that protect the health of Canadians.
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