Cancer data dashboards

The data dashboards are interactive tools to help you explore the results for each cancer type and risk factor pair included in the ComPARe study. The dashboards present cancer cases in Canada attributable to modifiable risk factors by risk factor, cancer type, sex, age and geography. Modifiable risk factors include air pollution, alcohol, diet, excess body weight, hepatitis B and C viruses, HPV, physical activity, radon, sedentary behaviour, sun and tobacco.

Explore the cancers and risk factors included in the ComPARe study

Overview of methods

A summary was created to provide an overview of methods used for the ComPARe study.  It covers how cancer types and risk factors were chosen and defined, which data were used and how the number of current and future preventable cancer cases were estimated. 

This table shows the more than 30 cancer types and more than 20 risk factors included in the ComPARe study.

About the ComPARe study

The Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer (ComPARe) study estimates the number and percentage of cancer cases in Canada due to modifiable lifestyle, environmental and infectious agent risk factors. The ComPARe study also estimates how changes to these risk factors through prevention could affect the number of cancer cases in the future.